Slumberhouse, for example, is run by Josh Lobb, a Brosius fan. Young calls Lobb “a master of things that are not correct, but evocative”. He works in dark, hyper-saturated colors that verge on disturbing. Norne, his most famous scent, is the smell of a Pacific north-western forest, and it certainly does smell like being stuck in an early X-Files episode: fir, fir and more fir, as far as the eye can see. But it’s a powerful experience: deep, dank and smoky, not exactly the smell of trees but the smell of needles decaying on the ground. You can feel yourself lost in a very large, wild place that may not wish you well. - The Guardian


2013 Basenotes Reader Awards

Winner: New House of the Year (formed since 2007)
Finalist: Best New Fragrance for Women (Pear + Olive)
Finalist: Best New Fragrance for Men (Norne)
Finalist: Best New Niche/Artisan Fragrance (Pear + Olive)
Finalist: Best New Niche/Artisan Fragrance (Norne)

2014 Basenotes Reader Awards

Finalist: Best Niche/Artisan Fragrance (Ore)
Finalist: House of the Year


Slumberhouse is a small Portland-based outfit much beloved of those perfume fanatics who put a high price on weirdness. And indeed their creations are surpassingly odd. They are to normal fragrances what a hunting-horn ensemble is to a symphony orchestra. Put trompe de chasse into iTunes Store and you will see what I mean: a scary-beautiful, dissonant, urgent blare. - Luca Turin


I’m still recovering from the shock of Norne. The dirty green stickiness of it on my wrist, the oils settling like a second skin a pungent, visceral gasp of medicinal fog, dawn bark, mulch and a damp bone-touching thrill of poisoned weather. There is an imagining of vaulted green ceilings, moss-covered and ancient, canopies whispering in the dark. In dreams I wear a crown of woven verdigris branches and leaves. All around me is the smell of crushed needles rising from the forest floor like the bitterest smoke. - A Scent of Elegance


Obfuscation and diversion, sensuality and wilful pretension. Josh Lobb is an alchemist of extraordinary skill; his ability to blend darkness and texture, death, decay, vexation, amour and sweet candied landscapes is very unique. His perfumes have no real top notes, he’s not really interested, they take an eternity to settle but the journey to the base, the forest floor, the scattered leaves, the splashed wine and shattered bone, these things are mesmerising. Occasionally his dramas trigger shattering migraines, but then I sometimes feel this is a price I pay for my constant wanderings in the hinterlands of scent… I am beginning to regard Josh as the dangerous glittering sociopath of perfumery, taunting and teasing but wanting us to find him, discover his secrets and set him free. - CafleureBon